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PROCALY, Integration and wiring for strong constraints.

PROCALY, founded in 1990, is a small business enterprise with 75 employees. The company operates in the electricity, electrical and electronics sectors, providing international services for cable management, integration and maintenance of systems in areas requiring the highest accuracy: Rail transport, Maritime transport, Aeronautics, Military equipment, Industry, Drilling. PROCALY is a subcontractor with Technical offices in France, India, Kazakhstan and Tunisia. The company offers its customers or partners know-how on cable routing, integration and testing. Know-how: Cables and wiring, Cable laying on military transport equipment, Cable routing on locomotives, Integration and routing of cables on enclosures and boxes, Installation on sites , Plastic sheath coating Quality: ISO 9001: 2008 Railway standard IRIS Rev 2 (International Railway Standard) is the first company in Europe to have been certified according to this standard! Certification ALSTOM (since 1991) Certification SNCF (since 1990) Certification ANSALDO (since 2007) Certification RATP (since 1993) Certification RENAULT TRUCKS DEFENSE (since 2009)